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Street Food Wonders: Craving Some Craffles

In the chaos of my first midterm week at Columbia, this freshman thought it would be wise to stick close to home. Thus, in my first installment of Street Treats, I didn’t stray far from 116th and Broadway to find something über delicious.

Approximately 20 steps outside of the front gates sits Craffles, a French crepes and Belgian waffles pushcart. Walking between Barnard and Columbia during class rush, you might have smelled the sweet aromas of sugar, berries, and cream wafting through the air. As each day brings colder and colder weather, my longing for a warm, sugary crepe has become increasingly overwhelming.

Thus, in a moment of weakness, I found myself in line outside the cart last Tuesday debating between a classic sweet crepe filled with every berry they had, and a savory garden crepe, packed with mushrooms, spinach, tomato, mozzarella, and pesto. In the end, I went with The Crepe Deluxe, a classic combo of strawberry, banana, and Nutella.

I watched as the crepemaker began assembling my afternoon snack — using a cool crepe spreader to make a perfectly crisp circle. Then came the toppings. A quick flip with a spatula, and a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon and powdered sugar, and my crepe was complete.

Words to describe it? Warm, deliciously rich, a perfect combination of crispy and chewy, gone in under 5 minutes. The strawberries and bananas were fresh and managed to perfectly balance the richness of the Nutella. The sprinkling of cinnamon gave another level of spice that melded well with the sugariness of the crepe.

Will Craffles be my new Crepe stop? Yes. Will it be contributing to the freshman 15? Possibly. Still, I can’t resist!

Find them everyday right outside the gates of College Walk, or online at www.craffles.com.


Twisted Food: Pulled Pork Waffle

When I think waffles, usually, “dessert,” “chocolate,” “cream,” “bananas,” and of course “delicious,” are the first words that come to mind. I imagine that most people would think that waffles are sweet desserts to satisfy those cravings. But it’s only in recent years that waffles took a double meaning of sweet and savory.

So, when my friend recommended a place for pulled-pork waffles, I said yes without a pause. The restaurant, Sugar and Plumm, is like food heaven, or a Disneyland/Willy Wonka Factory for brunch and desserts (well, and of course those meals in between, aka lunch and dinner). Entering the place, you have counters of cupcakes and pastries in front of you, rows of candy and chocolate selections on your right, and the restaurant on your left. We sat down and ordered the pulled-pork waffles and the earthquake in a fishbowl (highly recommend too, but more on that in a different post!)

The waffles were crispy on the outside and chewy and moist inside, and were just how I like my waffles. It’s hard to find places that make waffles just right; some are a bit soggy, others are so crispy that you feel like you’re chewing a mountain down! Anyway, the best part was the topping. The pulled pork was incredibly soft and was drizzled with barbecue sauce, then topped with coleslaw and jalapeño peppers. It was a strange combination, but it definitely worked all together. So, my question to you: have you had a savory waffle before? What flavor combinations have you had or will you try? Who knows? Maybe next time I go for Ferris brunch, I’ll ditch the Nutella waffles and make a ham and cheese waffle!

So take the 1 train to 79th street, walk to Amsterdam Ave, head one street downtown, and you’ll reach these scrumptious waffles!