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Postcards from Paris: La Péché d’Adam

Transitioning from NYC, where one has access to pretty much anything at any hour of the day, to Paris, where nothing ever seems to be open when you need it, has been a bit of a challenge. While there may some logic to the fact that most restaurants take Mondays off instead of a profitable Saturday or Sunday, I have yet to find ANY sense in the fact that French banks are closed for three hours during the middle of each day when you actually have time to run to the bank during a lunch break. Not to mention that the bank is also closed ALL DAY on Mondays — I mean, seriously? And Sundays, pretty much EVERYTHING shuts down in this town. You fell sick with the flu on a Sunday? Get ready to suffer since any and all pharamcies are closed.

Thankfully, about half of the bakeries and patisseries in Paris are open on Sundays. So instead of my usual ritual of Sunday brunch that I have in NYC, I go out for sweets. Chocolat chaud à l’ancienne, Paris-Brest, Mille-Feuille…n’importe quoi! Sundays are about sugar, baby! Continue reading Postcards from Paris: La Péché d’Adam