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An Indian Wonka factory in Jackson Heights

You might miss it if you’re walking at the typical New Yorker’s pace when you get off the subway stop at 74th street in Queens, but there it is, in between several shops dripping in diamonds and gold: Al Naimat.

From the window, I could only see a few glossy swirls of syrup soaked jalebis, but I was struck at the sheer plethora of colors and shapes when I walked in. It’s a little mind-boggling, but the shopkeepers completely understand and sympathize.

This gif pretty much sums it up:

After munching my way through pretty much half the case, I settled for a small box of sweets.

I decided to stick to the basics (Next time, I’ll be brave and get a few of the acid green ones.), and wound up with a couple of gulab jamun, a sort of fudge thing, and a few that tasted like variations upon crumbly condensed milk sweets.

I enjoyed them all, but the gulab jamun, fried balls of dough soaked in different syrups, were absolutely phenomenal. Light, sweet, and oddly refreshing, I ate three before sugar-induced jitters began to set in.

For such a small box, everything within packs such a large amount of flavor. I have a considerable sweet tooth, but I was quite unable to get through even half of it. But now that the box is empty, I’m feeling a sudden hankering for some more gulab jamun.