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Foodie Flicks: Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favorite films of all time.  In fact, I’d even go so far as to say it’s tied for first with Amelie, Beverly Hills Cop, and Casablanca.  I’m being serious.  So if you say that you don’t like this movie, I’m not sure we can be friends.  My point?  It’s great if you have an opinion and all, but if it ain’t in support of this movie…keep it to yourself.

Why am I willing to risk the possibility of our could-be amazing friendship for the sake of a movie?  Because Stranger Than Fiction is an incredibly perfect combination of several things about which I am passionate: sassy Maggie Gyllenhaal, serious Will Ferrell, eccentric writers, delightful motion graphics, and baked goods.

Stranger Than Fiction is more about the line between the real world and the fictional one, and what happens when the two merge together than food, but that’s not to say it doesn’t appreciate the culinary arts.  The film follows Will Ferrell as a morose IRS official who one day realizes that his life is being narrated by a mysterious voice ( Emma Thompson) who seems to know everything about him.  I won’t give any more away because I think part of the joy of this film is unraveling it, but I can promise you that it will be a rewarding experience.  The scene that I’ve included at the top of this post is one of my favorites, and I credit it with being one of the earliest influences of my writing style and my desire to have a bakery.  And to love all Gyllenhaals.

Click on the names of these films if Stranger Than Fiction doesn’t do it for you…

  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi – beautiful, inspiring documentary about a Michelin 3-star rated, 85 year old sushi chef (available for streaming on Netflix!)
  • Kings of Pastry – documentary about competitive pastry chefs, food porn to the max (available for streaming on Netflix!)
  • Ratatouille – a Pixar film featuring a rat who becomes a gourmet chef; this film won the Academy Award for Best Animated feature and has a great soundtrack to boot
  • Big Night – the brainchild of actor and gourmet foodie Stanley Tucci, this film tells the story of two brothers struggling to save their Italian restaurant
  • Waitress – a heartfelt story about a pregnant waitress with a powerful penchant for pies and creative names
  • Pressure Cooker – inner city kids compete in this documentary for culinary scholarships that could change their lives (available for streaming on Netflix!)
  • Romantics Anonymous  – two hopeless romantics unexpectedly fall in love while working in a chocolate factory in this lovely French film (available for streaming on Netflix!)

Foodie Flicks: Waitress

I think it’s common knowledge that the days before Thanksgiving are somehow just as crazy as the actual holiday itself.  For some reason, we, as a society, build it up.  Professors assign papers due before this rare relief from academia.  Friends try to squeeze in brunch.  Organizations decide to hold elections, have dinners, and throw their big parties right before break.  I think there’s also something to be said for the emotional build up.  How do we even begin to prepare ourselves for the joy that is surely right around the corner?  Regardless of the immense amount of food we’re about to eat or the loved ones we’ve missed, it’s just hard for a student to think to herself I won’t be here tomorrow!  I get to sleep!  Someone’s going to hug me and perhaps even make me pie!

Speaking of pie, my mother makes great Thanksgiving desserts.  It’s not a question of if we will have pie, but how many and what types.  In particular, my mother and my sister made the classic pumpkin as well as a maple pecan pie.  Pie is for dessert, but also breakfast.  Thanksgiving really does give us things to be thankful for.  In addition to celebrating Thanksgiving, pie is also one of the central themes of the film Waitress.  I first saw Waitress a few years ago on the suggestion of my mom, who besides being a great cook, is also a bit of an indie film scout.  I don’t know how she does it.  She’s a bit of a Supermom, if you will.  Waitress is a bit about Supermoms, classical music, regular customers, old places, new places, and finding yourself.  Oh, and it’s filled with shots of beautiful, deliciously tempting pie.  Continue reading Foodie Flicks: Waitress

Foodie Flicks: Ratatouille

Amanda begins her second Friday series, Foodie Flicks (she likes alliteration).  These posts will be quick but offer recommendations for your film nights.  More links after the jump!

Today, I had a tour in the rain…and the tour group was very supportive, really.  They didn’t judge me for failing to produce adequate tour weather (mid 70s, light breeze, sunshine), and they smiled at me when the tour ended amidst falling branches and torrential downpour.  After I realized my rain boots had holes in the bottom (Really, shoes?  That’s exactly what you’re NOT supposed to do!), all I wanted to do was curl up with some coffee and a bagel and watch a movie.  Film of choice…Ratatouille.

For those of you who missed the joys of seeing this film in theaters in 2007, I highly recommend that you get a hold of this delightful Pixar film.  Ratatouille is about a rat named Remy in France who is befriended by Alfredo Linguini (I know, the name) who is a garbage boy at a famous Parisian restaurant.  Linguini, who can’t cook, recognizes that Remy actually is a fantastic cook…and, well, I won’t ruin it for you.  But the movie is a wonderful experience for foodies and film-nerds alike.  There are beautiful scenes about restaurant life and creating dishes, and the animation is lovely.  Oh, and the music is incredible.

Continue reading Foodie Flicks: Ratatouille