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Executive Board Meeting Today (2/4)

Just a quick reminder that the Culinary Society Executive Board will be meeting today (2/4) at 5:30 pm in East Campus 1604. These are the items on the agenda:

  • Plan the final menu for Glass House Rocks
  • Go through the list of catering requests we have received this week… it’s quite a few
  • Talk about shopping logistics
  • Distribute the ingredients to the Erotic Cake teams (they will start arriving as early as 5:45 pm)

As always, we are more than happy to have new people at the meeting. All that’s required is a passion for food.

Oh, also a girl from the Spec is dropping by to photograph my fridge… random. Whatever. We’ll see what happens.

Executive Board Meeting!

Tonight (10/15), we will be meeting in East Campus 1604 at 5 pm for food and discussion of our upcoming events. Anyone interested in the club (or just interested in food) is welcome to attend. If you are from JTS or Barnard, wait until 5 pm in the EC lobby, and Matt will come to sign you in.

The meeting will consist of finalizing the menu and grocery list for the Harry and the Potters event as well as a bit of recipe testing (such as Butterbeer and Pims). We will also quickly go over the logistics of this week’s field trip. After the meeting, we will take a stroll down Broadway to West Side Market. At West Side, we will buy all of the ingredients needed for the Harry and the Potters event and we will transport the groceries to Lerner.

Executive Board Meeting!

We are having our first E-board meeting this Friday at 5 pm in East Campus 1604. Since we are regularly hosting events on Tuesdays, we have decided to move e-board meetings to this new time.

If you are interested in the planning aspects of Culinary Society, this is the perfect meeting to introduce you to the inner workings of the club. We will be discussing the following topics:

1. Harry and the Potters (our tentative event for October 16th): menu and budget plans

2. Casino Night (our event for October 23rd): menu and budget plans

3. The possibility of a small event for next Tuesday’s meeting (October 12th): possibly a class?

4. The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure Contest

Bring your cookbooks and ideas! I also wouldn’t mind if members of the blog committee show up to this meeting.

If you are from Barnard or JTS, feel free to email us at culinary@columbia.edu, so we can plan on signing you into the building.