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Chapati House – Quick and Delicious Indian

Midterms hit me very hard this year, as I am sure they did all of you. I could barely find time to fit in enough studying, let alone go out for meals. So I turned to the ever so handy seamless. I ordered from Chapati House since the reviews were consistently positive, and they were right. The food was well-packaged, came promptly, and tasted good. I ordered the brown rice bowl with chicken tikka masala. With this dish came different toppings, out of which I chose pickled ginger, sautéed onions, diced tomato, and banana pepper, all dressed in a cooling, fresh yogurt coriander sauce. The flavors were strong and varied. Each bite satisfied a different taste: the onions were savory, the pickled ginger was tart, and the banana peppers were spicy. The chicken tikka masala was creamy with subtle hints of garlic and ginger. Overall, each bite was full of robust, delicious flavor. I was surprised by how quick they deliver, but also by how satisfying my meal was. The food did not taste overly salted, but my thirst afterwards disappointingly proved otherwise. Besides this, I will definitely be ordering from Chapati house soon. Hopefully, it is not due to finding no time to eat in the midst of exams.