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Avocado Egg Boats


Hi everyone! 

As the semester draws to a close there are two things running through every student’s mind:

  2. Finals. Finals. And more finals.

So, because we’re all so busy right now, I wanted to share one of my simplest, healthiest, and tastiest recipes. It’s a hearty, filling treat that takes almost no time and will keep you kicking through these final few weeks. 

An Avocado Egg Boat is basically an egg baked inside an avocado half. There are a few simple steps, and all you need is one avocado and two eggs.

Preheat oven or toaster-oven to 350, and line a baking sheet with tin foil.

First, cut a ripe avocado in half. Remove the pit carefully by piercing it with the knife and pulling it out. 

Next, scoop out another fourth of each half around the pit. You just want to make a bigger hole than there already is. 

Place each half on the tin foil covered sheet.

Then, crack an egg into the hole you just made. One egg goes in each half. Carefully, put baking sheet in the oven.

Cook for 30-40 minutes. Note that a toaster-oven will cook on the faster side.

Finally, top the finished product with salt and pepper. If you have some fresh herbs, add some on top for a bit of freshness!

Eat up, stay nourished, and good luck on your finals! 


The Eggocado | Breakfast Obsession

Breakfast and brunch, when done right and with love, have to be some of the most enticing and delicious meals (yes, I count brunch as a meal). Eggs, butter, carbs, protein-overload – I love it all.

A THING OF BEAUTY IS A JOY FOREVER. (credit to Laura Manach)

After learning about eggocado’s versatility and simplicity, I’ve been experimenting with this 2-ingredient, bursting-with-flavor brunch dish consisting of a single egg nestled in half a carved avocado, seasoned to one’s liking.

After a few minutes of prepping and only 15-20 minutes of baking, you have yourself a nutritious, mouth-watering, and addictive choice to start your day. I truly believe mornings are for decisions, the most important decision of all being how you will choose to go about your day. Your mindset. #Eggocados are a great way to catalyze happy mindsets. It’s also a particularly suitable choice for us broke frugal college students looking for a filling, easy, and spectacularly healthy and quick meal. Want a snack in between classes? The eggocado is your best friend. Feeling savory for breakfast or brunch? Look no further than this green well of happiness.

My first attempt, pairing a slightly-overcooked eggocado with two of my favorite fruits, strawberries and grapes, was mediocre at best. The yolk wasn’t slightly runny as I preferred, it was under-seasoned, and the avocado wasn’t fully ripe, making it underwhelming in terms of flavor and texture. Even though avocado, egg, strawberries, and grapes sound like the last things I’d ever imagine harmonizing together, the acidity from the fruits and the heftier tones of the eggocado melded well.

The next time I tried, I made sure to use specific seasonings, even over-salting a bit to ensure that the flavors were more multi-dimensional. I also chose a particularly ripe and gorgeously green avocado, careful to carve out the pit and its surrounding fully so the egg would “sit” comfortably. This is an important step –the egg may be larger than you think, and it wouldn’t do well to have it spill over the sides of the avocado. Using a blend of sesame seeds, minced garlic, pepper, and some chili flakes, I popped it into the oven and was far more pleased with the consistency of the egg and the overall texture/flavor. I highly recommend this combo, in addition to having bananas on the side; two famously buttery friends mixing perfectly.

Tips for your eggocado:

  • Use a sufficiently ripened avocado. It should be dark green, almost black, and “cushiony” to the touch. Not too hard, not too mushy.
  • Season, season, season!
  • Cut a small bit off the rounded edge of your avocado half, so it sits nicely on your pan/rack/plate, etc. It also prevents your egg from spilling over and away!
  • Try to use a convection oven, rather than a microwave. The oven will distribute heat most evenly, resulting in overall better quality and taste.

Have you tried the #eggocado? What’s your favorite way to prepare it?

Cheating Recipes

I’m always pretty skeptical of “cheating recipes”: recipes that claim to provide a way to enjoy everything from brownies to pudding by replacing all the good stuff (butter, flower, cream, chocolate, etc.) with vegetables. I had an especially bad experience last week with a recipe for Cauliflower Pizza Dough. The only ingredients were cauliflower, eggs, herbs, and a little bit of cheese. Red flags should have gone up, but the excitement about the possibility of a bread-free pizza that I could eat without abandon was too overwhelming.
They were horrible. Horrible actually doesn’t even begin to cover it, inedible would be more accurate. So when I came across a recipe for Avocado Chocolate Mousse, although I was curious, I didn’t have even mildly high expectations.
To my surprise, the mousse came out very well. The creamy texture of the avocado perfectly translates into a mousse. It is not on par with a proper mousse made with cream, butter, and chocolate, but it’s simple, uses natural ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes. Most importantly, it can quickly get you past those mind-numbing chocolate cravings without doing too much caloric damage.
I made mine by adapting Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe for Chocolate-Avocado Mousseand making a few substitutions based on some similar recipes from health food websites. However, this recipe has so few ingredients that you can just do it by taste.

I started with four ripe avocados, blended them in a food processor and then added unsweetened cocoa powder, melted chocolate chips, honey, and some almond milk to thin it out. I couldn’t even tell you how much of each ingredient I added because I just tweaked it until it tasted right. Add cocoa powder if the avocado taste is too strong, honey if it’s not sweet enough, and almond milk (I’m sure any kind of milk would work) if it gets too thick. I only added about a third of a cup of melted semi-sweet chocolate chips because I wanted to feel no guilt when eating the mousse. However, my finished mousse has an aftertaste with a tiny reminder of the presence of avocado. That didn’t at all bother me but if it bothers you, the more melted chocolate you add, the more you cancel out the avocado flavor. Chill it in the refrigerator for about three hours then serve with berries or chocolate chips.

Central Park Hotdogs

In my sophomore and junior years of high school, I went through a couple of weird–and sometimes utterly shameful–after-school snack phases. The worst one of all was my Top Ramen obsession where I would prepare myself a chicken flavored packet every single day when I came home from school. After eating all the noodles I’d give the leftover broth to my dog, which in hindsight I realize was probably a bad idea: Top Ramen is not the most pet-friendly food, and giving poor Sparky my leftovers surely contributed to his terrible habit of whining (and then barking) when we eat and don’t give him any of our food. Also, Top Ramen broth used to burn my throat after only a few sips, which might be telling of the quality of its ingredients…so good thing I finally grew out of that most horrific habit.

However, the Top Ramen phase quickly morphed into a burrito and pizza making one. Luckily it wasn’t so detrimental to my health. While these snacks could have qualified as full-blown dinners, they were free of MSG, artificial flavoring, and whatever else is in those little dried noodle packets. Anyway, this new snack phase was a clear step up from the last one: I’d make our family’s favorite burrito, which was hearty, but also fresh and delicious. The pizzas would be made with super-thin lavash bread, a bit of tomato paste, sliced onion, zucchini, and bell peppers, olives, caper berries, and Parmesan (basically random things I’d find in the fridge)–nothing like the cheesy monstrosity that can sometimes be regular pizza. Continue reading Central Park Hotdogs

MISSION HUNGRY: Prison Gang Bruschetta

Santa F1 Crew with Chopped Reds

As per usual, I am attaching an audio file that can be listened to in order to enhance presentation of information.  Respectfully request open THIS in a separate window or tap, and then return to this report.

HQ: Prison gang problems on our hand.  You know the old Toma-Toe Group?  I think we can all recall the clash of ’94…many a good fork was lost in that fateful scrimmage.  Well, the Toma-Toes are still reported to be in sliced condition – this has severely cut down on their anger problems.  They seem to be doing just fine in the Hamburger Cells of John Jay.  But we do have a new problem on our hands…The Santa F1 Crew.  My sources tell me that the Santa F1 is the street name for the legendary “Grape Tomatoes,” a lot of small, oblong tomatoes.  Our current belief is that the Santa F1 Crew originated in Southeast Asia, but because the plant’s original seeds are so rare, it’s almost impossible to say.  The Santa F1s are fairly manageable when alone, despite their slippery resistance to both metal and plastic forks.  Even though they maintain a reputation for their “cute” appearance, they have a bit of an attitude problem.  They are able to squirt powerful blasts of juice and/or seeds – luckily for us, this trajectory is short and can be avoided.

Unfortunately, they have recently been spotted collaborating with a group from the nearby Hamburger Cell – the Chopped Reds.  I have sent Agent 64 to track communications from the Toma-Toe group to the Santa F1 to see if their has been some inter-cell planning, but you know prison gangs – hard to decipher, and even harder to control.  I will notify you immediately when Agent 64 has reported back in.  I will now return to the issue of the Chopped Reds.

The Chopped Reds are an upstart mafia with potential links to Foomunism (an idea presented at last year’s John Jay Agent conference – Communism among food served in multiples, belief that all pieces should be eaten and enjoyed equally and that none should be favored over the other – see Crouton Catastrophe, 2009 for more information).  I strongly believe that the Chopped Reds could be imparting Foomunism rituals onto the Santa F1 Crew – if this collaboration continues, we could be in for trouble.  Santa F1s, in a Foomunism format, could potentially roll of plates and splatter blouses and jeans alike with tomato juice.  Pause – incoming report from Agent 64.

Illustration by Mikail Faalasli

HQ – Agent 64 has reported in from the field that the Santa F1 Crew has escaped in a plastic pod, maroon lid, and is now being joined by a large contingency of Chopped Reds.  I will have to continue this report from the field.  Excuse any decrease in eloquence.

John Jay, stat. … I can verify presence of Chopped Reds with Santa F1, repeat, Chopped Reds with Santa F1.  I am now moving to intercept pod.


There is limited time before Chopped Reds will change the identity of the Santa F1.  Have returned to field base with escape pod in tow.  I have called in some of my undercover contacts.  I bought their trust through the intermediate grocery association D’agostino.  My undercover food contacts are now valuable members of my team.  Please review the expenses while I proceed to further slice the Chopped Reds and Santa F1  – this may slow them down.

Fresh Demi Baguette ($1.49)

Haas Avocado ($1.39)

Rehabilitation, Options One and Two

FURTHER SLICING COMPLETE.  Will now begin rehabilitation process.  Cut bread so there are two long, horizontal slices.  Cut these halves into thirds.  For each piece of bread, dig out the center of the bread (throw away center stuff of bread or dip center bread in olive oil and eat separately!).  Dug out allows fillings to rest safely, void of spillage.  Prepare the rehabilitation process by one of the following two options: 1) Drizzle extra virgin olive oil over bread (go to John Jay salad bar, CUCS’s oil&vinegar tasting tonight, or grocery store) and add garlic salt and Italian seasoning (available above mustard/ketchups) or 2) spread Natural Black Olive Paste from Le Pain Quotidien (there’s one at Broadway and 91st).  Continue process by adding diced avocado and layer the onion and grape tomato slices on top.

HQ – I can report completion in rehabilitation program.  Both Chopped Reds and Santa F1 appear to be happy in their new environment.  Sufficiently yummy.  Mission is success.

Secret Agent Amanda, out.

{Original photographic evidence can be enlarged.}