Columbia pays us to eat


On this page, you can find our blog posting schedule by week day for Fall 2013 as well as the society calendar below. Learn more about the writers of the series by clicking on Our Bloggers.


Series Schedule

|| monday
■ Dining Hall Innovations by Jason
■ Purely Food Porn by Connie
|| tuesday
■ The Minimalist Chef by Lida
|| wednesday
■ Make It Veg by Bea
■ Meat Lovers’ Cooking by Michelle
|| thursday
■ A Taste of the Middle East by Omar
|| friday
■ A Foodie’s Date Night by Shirley
■ Sweet Tooth Recipes by Jacqui
|| saturday
■ Sweet Finds by Elizabeth
■ Purely Food Porn by Bethany
|| sunday
■ Classic NYC Eats by Arianna