Columbia pays us to eat


On this page, you can find our blog posting schedule by week day for Fall 2014. Learn more about the writers of the series by clicking on Our Bloggers.


Series Schedule

|| monday
■ Healthy Cooking by Tanya
■ Dorm Cooking Ideas by Cindy
|| tuesday
■ Fine Dining in New York by Mirella
■ Dessert Recipes by Jacqueline
|| wednesday
■ Taste of the Middle East by Omar
■ Date Night Restaurants by Andrew
|| thursday
■ Street Food of New York by Noah
■ All Things Coffee by MJ
|| friday
■ A Food Lover’s Guide to History by Elyse
■ Purely Food Porn by Bethany
|| saturday
■ Sustainability and Farming in New York by Isabel
■ Gourmet Late Night Snacks by Rochelle
|| sunday
■ Worth the Hype? by Jessica
■ Francophone Adventures in NYC: La Ventre de la France by Amelia and Jeanne