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Below, you’ll find bios of our writers and contributing photographers. Bios include an update on the Fall 2013 writing season! See the SCHEDULE page for more details regarding upcoming posts. Clicking an author’s name will direct you to all of their posts!

Rebecca, Editor of the Blog, is a junior at Columbia College who enjoys exploring the city in search of new and exciting food options. Her dorm room is always stocked with hummus, cheese, chocolate, and copious amounts of caffeine. Having grown up in a family where the most common question, even at 9 a.m., is “what’s for dinner,” she has come to appreciate good food and good company.
Jason is a freshman at Columbia College. He enjoys a good, healthy meal, and is looking to learn more about cooking. He wants to make the most of his dining hall experience here at Columbia. Check out his blog for ways to keep things fresh and exciting while sticking to the meal plan.
Lida Weinstock is a second year at Barnard College. She enjoys cooking immensely and has a love of roasted vegetables and anything sweet.
Michelle grew up in Malaysia, bred on a diet of delicious (read: artery-clogging) street food. Forced, in later life, to endure a significant deterioration of food quality and the lack of a kitchen at an English boarding school, she arrived at Columbia full of culinary zeal and now lives by the mantra “cook more than you can eat”. She spent last summer working for an expert of Nyonya cuisine on Balik Pulau Mountain, Penang. More recently, she initiated a hostile takeover of her Broadway dorm kitchen.
Growing up in the heart of downtown Manhattan–aka culinary heaven–Arianna has been exposed to NYC food culture for her entire life. As a child (and maybe still), Arianna was borderline obsessed with the Food Network. She still gets complaints from her family that they can’t possibly watch another episode of Chopped. Oh, yes they can. Arianna expanded her culinary interests into the kitchen, where she prefers baking over cooking, especially around the holidays. Arianna is so weird that she often requests birthday presents in the form of dinner reservations at fancy schmancy restaurants around the city, a tradition which has brought her the most fantastic meals of her life. She continues her love affair with all things New York by attending Columbia, where she is currently a sophomore planning to major in Biology.
Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but raised in Amman, Jordan, Omar grew up eating falafel and hummus for breakfast, and middle eastern stews for lunch and dinner. His mother spent most of her time after work in the kitchen, which meant that the only time he could spend with her was when she was cooking or baking. This time spent in the kitchen has made him appreciate all kinds of food, from pastas to curry. He is excited about bringing his culinary heritage to the Columbia community. In A Taste of the Middle East, Omar will be introducing recipes, reviewing Middle Eastern restaurants around the city, and talking about the variety of cuisine found in the Arab world and the Middle East.