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Noah                                         Noah is a first year Masters student in Political Science who is from Singapore and absolutely has to know where all to good places to eat are. There can be no compromise
Jacqueline is a senior at Barnard College majoring in Anthropology. Last year, she studied abroad in Copenhagen where she lived in a culinary house and became fascinated with the cuisine. Jacqueline loves trying new foods and exploring the cuisines of cultures around the world. She most enjoys cooking and baking for her friends and family.
Bethany                                  Bethany is a junior from Houston who spends her spare time exploring the city for the best cheap food. After interning as an editorial assistant at Real Cheap Eats, she’s since focused her photography on food and now photographs everything before she eats it. Her friends at this point have all been trained to wait before eating anything. She’s currently the photographer for FoodtoEat. For more food photography, check out her Instagram @bethanywong.
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Justin                                       Justin Udry is a first-year student in CC studying Economics and Political Science. He hails from Wisconsin, resulting in a profound love for all things cheesey. He sorely misses his mother’s Taiwanese cooking and resents dining hall rice. His spirit animal is the beard of former chef and current rapper Action Bronson, and hopes to one day go bonita fishing with super chef Bobby Flay.
Jeanne                                    Jeanne is a visiting student at Barnard College this year, majoring in history and political science. She has lived in Paris her whole life, her family is from Corsica so food is no laughing matter for her. Struggling to understand all those strange American eating habits, she wants to make the most of her stay trying out every restaurant in Manhattan and Brooklyn (we all know that’s not possible but can’t blame a girl for being ambitious right?). She really misses her baguettes, pains au chocolat and foie gras but she’s really excited about this year and all the food she’s going to have!
Jamie                                      Jamie Withorne is currently a first year student at Columbia University, planning on majoring in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations. In her spare time she loves cooking and eating French and Indian food and watching  and/or reading about the adventures of Anthony Bourdain.
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Omar                                        Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but raised in Amman, Jordan, I grew up eating falafel and hummus for breakfast, and middle eastern stews for lunch and dinner. My mother spent most of her time after work in the kitchen, which meant that the only time I could spend with her was when she was cooking or baking. This time spent in the kitchen had me appreciate all kinds of food, from pastas to curry. But coming here, I am excited about bringing my culinary heritage to the Columbia community. In A Taste of the Middle East, I will be introducing recipes, reviewing Middle Eastern restaurants around the city, and talking about the variety of cuisine found in the Arab world and the Middle East.
Mirella                                    Mirella Blum is a first year at Barnard College. A life-long food lover, she recently discovered a passion for working with food and hopes to pursue a career in the restaurant industry. You can often find her hanging around the Union Square Greenmarket, seeking both delicious produce and her favorite chefs.
Audrey                                       Audrey is a current freshman at Columbia College. Audrey’s family is scattered in various places around the world and so she loves to travel. On her travels she has been able to taste all different kinds of international foods. As is known, New York is a global city and so Audrey is on the search for all the different ethnic goodies the city has to offer. She hopes to discover new cuisines and find other foods she thought she’d have to travel thousands of miles to have again.
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Jess                                           Jess Aquino, is a first year student in Columbia College. Born and bred in Brooklyn, she has enjoyed exploring the city and tasting everything it has to offer. She enjoys all desserts, and new food trends, and testing them to see if they are worth the hype.
Cindy                                       Cindy Liu is a current first-year in Columbia College, hopelessly undecided, but looking into Poli Sci, Human Rights, and Creative Writing. When she’s not browsing Food Porn Daily/BuzzFeed food, doing intense research on her next cheap ethnic food adventure in the city, or attempting to use the kitchen in her Hartley suite without setting off the fire alarm, Cindy enjoys playing the piano and sitting on the banisters of Low (it’s a good bet she’ll also be eating). She loves anything music, savory, avocado, poetry, and banana.
Amelia                                   Amelia is a new Sophomore transfer student at Barnard College, undeclared, though hoping to study Art History and French (and if she wasn’t in school right now, she’d be back in culinary school to pursue her obsession with one day becoming a pastry chef or possibly cheese-monger). On her “gap year” she decided she wanted to learn how to really cook, not just read recipes and studied at culinary institutions in England and France, leading her to start her life-long culinary passion- that is of cooking, creating, eating, learning, and just outright appreciating the art of food. Cookbook and food blog addict, she dreams mostly of cheese, macarons, and maybe someday creating a restaurant that features monthly menus inspired by artist’s simultaneous exhibitions- a “food art” opera of chefs and artists to create a bang out visual and sensory masterpiece- and yes she also does like study once in a while and not like, just eat.. Raised by two bay-scallop fisherman (and recent bee-keepers)  parents on the small island of Nantucket, she cannot wait to eat her next few years through the colossal city of New York!