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We’re Recruiting Bloggers!

Welcome back to a new semester! The Culinary Society Blog is excited to be back with new posts that share original recipes and explore wonderful foodie finds in New York.
We are currently looking for new bloggers for the semester. If you love food blogging and are looking for a group of people who share this interest, we would love to have you!

Stop by the Culinary Society General Body meeting to learn more about the process and how to write for us. Click on the link for the Facebook event page:

Hope to see you there!

Here is the link to the application, due Saturday October 3rd, 2015:

You can also get in touch with us by emailing the editors – Lida ( or Shirley (

Photo owned by Domenico Pugliese for The Wall Street Journal

This Could Be You (Photo owned by Domenico Pugliese for The Wall Street Journal)



‘Mad Men’ Dining Week $19.69 for Themed Lunch Sets

Didn’t get enough of great deals during NY Restaurant Week? Here’s another interesting option, especially for the AMC Mad Men fans out there –

In celebration of the final season of AMC show Mad Men, NY Mad Men Dining Week will be between March 23-29 (actually a week in length, unlike NY Restaurant “week”), and reservation starts now.

Basically, the deal is for $19.69 you get a two-course lunch set – appetizer + main OR main + dessert, or two cocktails that are Mad Men themed. The cocktail deal seems more aligned with the theme of Mad Men, since people in the show drink so much more than they eat. However, if you’re looking for a meal, you should be careful when booking as some participating restaurants only do the cocktail deal.

It is a bit disappointing that even though there are quite a few high profile restaurants participating – such as 21 Club and Blue Water Grill, many of them only offer the cocktail deal. The famous French restaurant Le Cirque, however, does offer lunch, so that’s definitely an option worth exploring – but reserving soon is highly recommended.


Full list of participating restaurants are below (Restaurants that offer lunch set are bolded)

‘21’ Club
Arlington Club
Benjamin Steakhouse
Blue Water Grill
Brasserie (Seagram Building)
Brasserie 8 1/2
Carnegie Deli & Restaurant
Delmonico’s Restaurant
El Parador Cafe
Empire Steak House (West 54th Street)
Flo Lounge Restaurant
Le Cirque
Le Cirque Cafe
Madison Club Lounge
Maloney & Porcelli
Morton’s Grille
Morton’s The Steakhouse (Manhattan)
Morton’s The Steakhouse (World Trade Center)
Nick & Stef’s Steakhouse
P.J. Clarke’s
Ristorante Morini
Rock Center Cafe
Side Car at P.J. Clarke’s
State Bar & Grill
Strip House Midtown
Tavern on the Green
The Gander
The Regency Bar & Grill
The Sea Fire Grill
Tribeca Grill
Vander Bar

Check out specific menu for the restaurant’s deal & make reservations here –>

Culinary Society Blog is Going on Break + New Writers Position

The series for this semester has ended this week. For more posts, check back next semester in January!

In the mean time – if you are interested in writing for us, you’re in luck! We’re looking for new writers for next semesters, so please don’t hesitate to contact co-editors Lida or Shirley for more information. Our contact information is here.

Wishing everyone the best of luck during finals. Don’t forget to nourish yourself and treat yourself with good food during this time of year!


Event Tonight! Erotic Cake Competition

Good morning Columbia!

Tonight, the Culinary Society hosts one of Columbia’s most venerated traditions: the annual erotic cake competition.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, come sample an array of erotically themed cakes.  We have plenty of bakers and artists working on these cakes, and the spread is bound to be both entertaining and delicious.

Come to the East Ramp Lounge at 9 pm to have your fill and vote on the best creation!

Calling new writers for Fall 2013!

Welcome back, foodies!  It’s the start of another season of Columbia University’s Culinary Society Blog.  We are currently taking applications for our new season of writers and photographers. Anyone can submit, so please use this form and share with your friends that are interested in contributing to the blog.  All submissions for this form are due September 30!  My assistant/co/will be Blog Editor Becky Pottash will be scheduling new writers after this date while I’ll be constructing and sending around a new Guide to Blogging to help everyone get started.  I’m looking forward to reading all the new series!



Summer 2013 Schedule!

For your reading pleasure…

  • For two Wednesdays a month, Blog Editor Amanda Tien will be discussing the local foods in Westwood, California for the summer in her series Westwood Wednesdays.  Westwood is the home of thousands of UCLA students, offering a variety of local eateries and access to the various culinary opportunities of Southern California.
  • Dawn Smith will be writing one post a month on the third Saturday (June, July, August) detailing delicious baked goods and exploring the delicious wonders of our home city of New York.
  • Manon Cooper will be writing two posts every month on Sundays exploring her last days in Mendoza, Argentina and her travels and work through the rest of the summer at a food magazine in California.
  • Assistant Blog Editor Rebecca Pottash is working at a movie theater this summer and a few times every month, she’ll be sharing foods inspired by the films she sees.  Move over popcorn, because these posts will be inspiring.
  • Photographer Onella Cooray will also be sharing the occasional food photography with us, effectively making everyone hungry on a weekly basis.
  • Every other Sunday, Elyse Cox will be exploring the sometimes delicious, sometimes disgusting, usually bizarre world of “superfoods,” demystifying the benefits of these new and exciting foods.
  • Courtney Okeke will be bringing us some vegetarian Mexicali flair from Southern California twice a month.  Her delicious recipes will turn even the most voracious carnivore into a veggie-lover.
  • World traveler Tiffany Ong will be sharing monthly culinary musings from her trips to Morocco and Hong Kong, giving us an insight into local food and culture!

If you’re interested in writing for the blog this summer, then email blog editor Amanda Tien at

Spring Break + Magazine

Two things to announce!  The first is that Culinary Society is officially on spring break. Yay! We’ll be back with regular posts starting next Monday, the 25th. Until then, read some of our recent series and check out Culinarian magazine.  While it’s started by two exec board members of Culinary Society, the magazine is now its own separate entity/club.  The magazine is accepting applications from now until the night of the 20th!  So click HERE for more information regarding the magazine

4 New Series

Along with our Spring 2013 line-up posted a few weeks ago, Culinary Society is now going to host four more new series! Make sure to check these out:

  • Of Noodles and Dumplings – Matt checks out dim sum restaurants in Chinatown and reports back with the best selections.
  • What the Gourmet Ate – Yvonne reaches out to the professional foodie with upscale reviews and recipes.
  • Midnight Munchies – Natalie creates adventurous and exciting snacks, all in a dorm-friendly kitchen.
  • The Cooking Corner – Follow Lida’s meals by reading about her anecdotes and recipes.