SoCal Cooking: Mexican Rice

        This dish is by far the most versatile of Mexican cuisine. It makes sense, as rice is the main staple food for nearly all mexican dishes.  This recipe stays true to the original. Consisting of only the essential ingredients, this recipe does not need a lot to offer so much. It is very easy to make in large amounts, and very hard to screw up!  

Mexican Rice
The color alone should make you hungry!

You may be thinking, aren’t Mexican rice and Spanish rice the same? They are not– in fact, the crucial difference lies in the seasoning. Spanish rice tends to use saffron instead of cumin, and green herbs like oregano instead of cilantro, which is commonly found in mexican rice. The differences are small, but noticeable. If you like a smoky, spicy after taste, this is the dish for you. While it can work as a main course, this rice is usually served as a side dish. Whether the main dish is enchiladas or empanadas, the combination of garlic, cumin, and onions provides the perfect company to any other dish. Experimentation is also key in this recipe- you can add more vegetables like peas, corn, or carrots without changing the overall taste. Since this is a vegetarian post, I refrained form adding any meat, but beef is also a good addition to this dish. 


2 cups rice, cooked

2 serrano peppers, finely chopped

1 onion, finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped

1/2 cup of tomato sauce

3 tablespoons Cumin



1. Add oil to the pan and cook the rice and garlic. Mix the rice with the oil, cook on medium-high heat.  

2. Add onions, continue cooking for 5-6 minutes. 

3. Add peppers and cumin, mix well. 

4. Add tomato sauce.

5. Let the rice cook for 15 minutes.

6. Let cool uncovered for 6-7 minutes, and serve!