The Perfect Bite: Bite Day

So my friend has this thing called bite day. Every Saturday she allows herself to eat a bite of anything she wants. Every other day she is very health conscious, eating mostly vegetables and lean meat. I admire her self-restraint; I can’t go more than 48 hours without eating something sweet. I’m a bite day, every day kind of girl.

Bite day is fun for me, too. It’s like a quest to find the ultimate bite of food. What foods would make it better? What can I make that will explode with flavor? Which cafés will have the best pastries?

So far this year we’ve done bite day at Maison Kayser (twice), City Bakery, Thai Market, and Artopolis. We usually throw in a cappuccino, because why not?

I made cheesy scrambled eggs with crackers and salsa. Officially the best eggs of my life.

Hershey’s mini bar with speculoos cookie butter? Check.

Entire container of pad thai in one sitting? But of course.

Raddichio and goat cheese pastry? Mindblowing.

Of course, I can never stop with just one bite and I usually end up gorging myself on tons of sugar and caffeine and buttery deliciousness, so I wouldn’t really call it a single bite day for me. But I like to think that bite day is the day I savor every bite, really taste all my food, and appreciate every second of it. And it is so much fun.