Summer 2013 Schedule!

For your reading pleasure…

  • For two Wednesdays a month, Blog Editor Amanda Tien will be discussing the local foods in Westwood, California for the summer in her series Westwood Wednesdays.  Westwood is the home of thousands of UCLA students, offering a variety of local eateries and access to the various culinary opportunities of Southern California.
  • Dawn Smith will be writing one post a month on the third Saturday (June, July, August) detailing delicious baked goods and exploring the delicious wonders of our home city of New York.
  • Manon Cooper will be writing two posts every month on Sundays exploring her last days in Mendoza, Argentina and her travels and work through the rest of the summer at a food magazine in California.
  • Assistant Blog Editor Rebecca Pottash is working at a movie theater this summer and a few times every month, she’ll be sharing foods inspired by the films she sees.  Move over popcorn, because these posts will be inspiring.
  • Photographer Onella Cooray will also be sharing the occasional food photography with us, effectively making everyone hungry on a weekly basis.
  • Every other Sunday, Elyse Cox will be exploring the sometimes delicious, sometimes disgusting, usually bizarre world of “superfoods,” demystifying the benefits of these new and exciting foods.
  • Courtney Okeke will be bringing us some vegetarian Mexicali flair from Southern California twice a month.  Her delicious recipes will turn even the most voracious carnivore into a veggie-lover.
  • World traveler Tiffany Ong will be sharing monthly culinary musings from her trips to Morocco and Hong Kong, giving us an insight into local food and culture!

If you’re interested in writing for the blog this summer, then email blog editor Amanda Tien at

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