Midnight Munchies: Apricot-Balsamic Chicken


Hope y’all had lovely and restful spring breaks. This first week back has been insane on my end, and has definitely left me craving some Texas sunshine and tasty food.

One of the huge perks of going home for the break (alongside 80 degree weather and the superfluity of shower shoes) was returning to my kitchen. It’s nice to be able to cook while drawing from a seemingly bottomless pantry and drawers stuffed with kitchen appliances.

I made this apricot-balsamic chicken for my family one night – not a Midnight Munchie in the classic sense. But if you want something to satisfy your cravings for sweet and salty in the wee hours of the morning, leftovers from this dish will do so while packing a punch of healthy protein.

The glaze should be bubbly as you reduce it, like so. It will smell amazing. Try to resist temptation!

I used this recipe, but substituted chicken tenders for the chicken parts (had to use what I had on hand). Regardless, cooking your way through will be a breeze – just reduce the glaze as you cook the chicken, and then combine both for the final minute or so before plating.

Just a brief note – this glaze is seriously amazing. I never imagined that apricot preserves, balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes and fresh rosemary would work together, but I was definitely proven wrong. It would be really interesting to play around with the flavors in the glaze – perhaps substitute sage or thyme in place of the rosemary, or use orange preserves in place of the apricot. Happy cooking!