Postcards from Paris : Amorino Gelato

The last few days here in Paris have been beautiful… sunny and at least 50 degrees. After the last few weeks of feeling almost completely frozen, subjected to bleak, gray, cloudy skies day after day, it feels as if Paris is breathing one giant sigh of relief. Spring has finally begun to sprung.

And to make things even better, warm weather means ice-cream weather.

Amorino is a european franchise, based out of Italy, that specializes in high quality gelato, italian pastries, chocolates and finally, coffee. As such, you can go to an Amorino for whatever sweet you’re craving around 3 PM between afternoon classes. And the quality is very, very good. The coffee here, sourced from Italy, is way better than Starbucks, and much of the gelato is organic.

So, to commemorate the first real day of spring, I treated myself to a cone with my two favorite flavors : pistachio and inimitable (chocolate-hazlenut AKA Nutella). However, had I wanted to, I could have technically asked for any number of flavors even in my one small “cornetto.” And, to top it all off, freshly whipped heavy cream, or “creme chantilly” as say the French.

Walking though the Luxembourg gardens, gelato in hand and sun streaming through the trees on a warm, Parisian spring day? Sublime.

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  1. Tip for those of us confined to North America (*cries*)… there’s an Amorino downtown at 60 University Place.

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