Café Luxembourg

Every now and then we all deserve to do our hair, put on our heels, and enjoy a taste of luxury. There are many places in New York City you where will shunned for wearing sweatpants, and Café Luxembourg was certainly one of them. Looking in the window before going inside, you can already tell that this is a place of class, style, and quality food. The host was welcoming and we were seated promptly with menus full of divine choices.

I was with two other classy dessert lovers and we were unsure at first if we wanted an appetizer to share just to taste their food or if we should go straight to the desserts. However, most things on the menu, as delicious as they seemed, were not great for sharing and with their prices we decided to just stick to the dessert. Plus, the dessert menu was certainly no disappointment. One glance at it and our taste buds we watering. There were homemade ice creams, specialty cakes, profiteroles and more. I was really impressed by the range and combination of flavors on it as well. All the originals were paired with something more adventurous to give the dessert a little kick like the chocolate fudge cake with maple cinnamon ice cream and the pumpkin cheesecake with salted pecans and ginger anglaise. After a tough debate we ordered an upside down caramelized pear cake with butterscotch sauce and bourbon ice cream, crème brulee, and the chocolate fudge cake.

While we waited, we munched on fresh warm bread that was perfectly toasted on top to give it a crisp outer crust. We admired the simple, yet eloquent decorum of the restaurant with soft jazz playing in the background and we couldn’t help but think that this would be a great place to celebrate a special event or milestone in one’s life. Although it was certainly pricey, everything that the waiters were carrying out of the kitchen looked like it would be worth the price; especially our beautifully plated desserts. It was difficult to tell which one looked the most appetizing, so we just dug right in to find out.

The pear cake with bourbon ice cream was my first choice just because it was such a tasty combination. The sweet pear layer on top made the entire dessert. It was fruity yet not too sweet nor too thick to overcome the cake. Disappointingly, I found the cake to be a bit dry if it wasn’t eaten with the ice cream which had subtle hints of bourbon to amplify the pear cake flavor. The crème brulee was perfectly crystalized on top, almost to the extent where we felt bad ruining its beauty. I’m glad we did though because it was absolutely divine. The solid sugar layer on top was thin yet it magnified the silky custard. The custard was creamy yet it still had a light texture so that you did not feel like you were eating spoonful’s of heavy cream.
At our table, the clear favorite was the chocolate cake with maple-cinnamon ice cream. We are all chocolate addicts, so we could be a little biased; but the warm cake was rich and gooey on the inside making it the front runner. Plus, the maple-cinnamon ice cream gave it the perfect amount of added flavor. There was just enough cream and spice to complement the chocolate yet the moist chocolate cake still shown through. When the luscious desserts were completely devoured we were more than satisfied and amped up on sugar. Each one was bursting with flavors and I only wish I could go back soon to try all the other magnificent options on the menu. Café Luxembourg is the perfect getaway from campus if you want an excuse to get dressed up and treat yourself to some high quality dining. It is an easy subway ride to 70th and you feel like you’ve been transported 15 years down the road the moment you sit down in the luxurious restaurant. Whether it a birthday, an anniversary, or a summer job, Café Luxembourg should definitely be next on your list of places to host a celebration or to simply savor your sweet tooth.

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