Postcards from Paris : Financier

Kelcey sends this week’s Postcard from Paris-a review and description of a simple, almond sweet that’s sure to fulfill your snack needs.

When I think about French pastries, most of the time my mind goes to the most complex, intricate and outrageous cakes and sweets possible. At about three in the afternoon, when my brain has maxed out on the amount of French it can produce in one day, my mind drifts to towers of chocolate, praline, meringue and chantilly cream. But one day, when I passed by Blé Sucré, a bakery known for its classic financier, I decided to go for simplicity for my sugar fix.

Blé Sucré’s financier are absolutely delicious. Made with a good amount of almond flour and LOTS of butter, these little tea cakes are super moist and rich. However, thanks to the almond flour, a pleasant nuttiness and comes through as well. But Blé Sucré goes even further by giving their financiers a light, sugar glaze, sealing in even more moisture  and creating a slightly crunchy, sweet shell that contrasts ever-so-nicely with the soft interior.

I don’t think that financier are hard to find in NYC : there is after all the patisserie chain called “Financier” every 15 or so blocks it seems, and I know that Ladurée sells their financier (made in France) every so often. But there is nothing quite like walking in to Blé Sucré to warm, freshly baked, sweet-nutty-crunchy-rich-soft financier.

Sometimes, simplicity is all you need.

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