Food Sites: Empty Pantry? Never Fear!

Sometimes even a healthy dose of creativity cannot save us from a bleakly-stocked kitchen. Looking into the fridge and the spice cabinet, the task of pulling together a healthy and quick meal can seem absolutely daunting at times.

Luckily, my procrastination has paid off in a small way! While I was using “Stumble Upon,” I found this genius site: All you have to do is enter in the foods you have in your kitchen in the system. It’s all done by checking boxes. While this can be a laborious task with a well-stocked kitchen, with an empty kitchen, it is a quick little process. Then, just click “search for recipes.”

Almost instantly, the site conjures up all sorts of recipes that use the ingredients in your kitchen! Plus, all of the recipes are listed with their cooking/prep time and the calorie count (for those of you out there who are actually trying to be healthy).  Who would’ve thought that coming up with something for dinner could be so easy?!

Note: If you have a bag of ramen, a packet of jello, and a beer, this site may not solve your problems. That might require a trip to the store, or to one of your more culinarily-oriented friends…

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